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Divorce workshop to take place

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MUNDY TOWNSHIP – Hill Road Baptist Church has been helping mend broken hearts for eight years, and a new session of their DivorceCare group is about to begin.

“It’s a great group for people who are going through the pain of divorce and/or separation,” said Melody Wiese, facilitator.

The group meets from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursdays from Sept. 10 to December 10, at the church. There is no cost and participants are not required to take part in all 13 sessions.

“Those who do (attend all sessions) feel better at the end, but people drop in and that’s fine,” said Wiese. “We’ve had people show up at week 12 or 13 and we welcome them. It’s better if they come to all of the sessions, but it’s not a requirement.”

Workbooks are provided at no charge. Childcare is not available at the church.

The program is a Christian-based support group involving videos and discussion.

“One of the things I tell people is it is Christian based, we reference scripture, but we are not preachy about anything,” said Wiese.

One of most important aspects of the group is the discussion. By sharing experiences, people help one another.

“And I stress that what’s spoken about in the group stays in the group,” said Wiese. “It needs to be known that it is a safe place.”

Each week, a different topic is covered, from “how did I get here?” to finances to childcare to depression and anger to forgiveness and reconciliation.

“That doesn’t mean the people get back together,” said Wiese. “It goes along with forgiveness. It’s what you do for yourself.”

More information on discussion topics is available at divorcecare.com.

To participate, show up the night of the session or email Wiese at ladymelmom@comcast.net, or leave a message at the church, 238.5572.

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