2014-11-20 / News Briefs

In brief

Medical marijuana moratorium extended

CLAYTON TOWNSHIP – The Clayton Township Board of Trustees has extended its moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries for another six months.

Legislation changing the patient-caregiver relationship is pending in the state House of Representatives. Local officials remain hesitant to draft guidelines until they see what the legislature is going to do. – L.R.

Snow removal required

SWARTZ CREEK – With winter weather wandering into the area, city officials are reminding residents that their sidewalks, meters and hydrants must be kept clear of snow.

City ordinance requires residents to clear sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowfall. After that deadline, a contractor will clear the way and the city will bill the property owner, who also may get a $50 fine.

Residents who are unable to clear their walks may call Jan Kauzlarich, assistant high school principal, who can arrange to hire a student to do the work. Kauzlarich may be reached at 810- 591-1802.

The City Council approved a snow removal ordinance last year after dozens of residents failed to clear their walks, forcing pedestrians – including children and teenagers on their way to school – to walk in roadways. – L.R.

Police department re-opens

SWARTZ CREEK – The Swartz Creek Police Department will again have office hours at the public safety building.

City officials moved the office to City Hall in April due to a temporary staff reduction.

The office at the public safety building was re-opened this month. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

To contact police for non-emergency matters, the public may call 810- 635-4401. – L.R.

Board meeting planned

CLAYTON TOWNSHIP – Township residents who wish to dispute their property values may take their case to the Board of Review, which is scheduled to meet Wednesday, Dec. 10, at the township hall.

Board members are Bill Anderson, Jane Wracan and Charlotte Kidder. The township Board of Trustees re-appointed all three to twoyear terms last week. The township board also appointed Richard Derby and Frank Crites as alternates who will serve if a review board member is absent. – L.R.

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