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Elections receiving board established

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SWARTZ CREEK — Council approved the establishment of an Elections Receiving Board to begin serving at the primary elections this month.

The State of Michigan determines the purpose of the board be to deliver properly sealed ballot containers to the clerk after polls are closed, assure that all seal numbers are properly recorded and the number of names entered in the poll book balances with the number of ballots counted in the precinct.

The state encourages the use of receiving boards as they provide an effective, low-cost way to promote the “recountability” of precincts in the event a recount is requested after the election.

The receiving board will be appointed by the Election Commission Board comprised of the clerk, treasurer and assessor. Two members, each a representative of the two major political parties, will be appointed from each precinct to be on the board.

“One of our floaters during Election Day will become part of the receiving board and we have two on staff that has also trained to become election inspectors,” said City Clerk Juanita Aguilar.

This will be the first time Swartz Creek will be using the electronic poll book.

“The state is requiring that if you go to the electronic poll book you have to establish a receiving board,” said Aguilar.

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